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I began playing fantasy baseball a few years back, and it didn’t take me long to realize that pitchers were not only my favorite players, but also what I was best at. I love the mechanics of pitching, and often find myself studying pictures and videos. However, I also rely on my ability to perceive things that others may or may not be able to. Some may call this crazy; I call it the “It” factor. I have beautiful brown eyes and a sixth toe. Or rather, eleventh and twelfth. Anyway, I plan on being a member of four leagues this season: two on ESPN and two on Yahoo!. Of the ESPN leagues, one is a friends and family type keeper league, while the other is my vaunted Pitchers-Only Roto Dynasty League that I’ll be covering periodically in this blog. One Yahoo! league is a standard dynasty league, where every player is kept year to year. The other is a 5×5 public league. That’s about all.

Any other questions, feel free to email me:

~ Corey


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