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Our Favorite Dutch Superhero Makes Season Debut Tonight

July 20, 2009

Tonight at approximately 10:20 PM eastern time, Rick VandenHurk will take the mound against the Padres.

Here’s five solid reasons he should be great:

5.) Petco, Petco, Petco. Fly ball pitcher + huge dimensions = success.

4.) The Marlins used 6 relievers last night, so they need VandenHurk to go deep in the game tonight. He has had a slight problem with pitch count in the past, as he was once removed from a no hitter after five innings having thrown 94 pitches, but hopefully he should be able to oblige Fredi Gonzalez.

3.) The Marlins need a boost to win world series, as they are due to win the Wildcard and in turn the Series, and Rick could provide that boost.

2.) The Padres lineup tonight is, as always, completely ineffective, outside of Adrian Gonzalez.

1.) Bert Blyleven came into contact with Mr. VandenHurler during the World Baseball Classic. Shortly after he discovered a Plus-Plus Curveball hiding in his closet.

A few other notes:

– Mat Latos’s stuff looked ridiculously impressive yesterday afternoon. Video Here. However, he was only allowed to throw 75 pitches over 4 innings, and that appears to be what we should expect from here on out.

– Jason Schmidt also pitches tonight, so we should all wish him luck and thank him for helping us win a few fantasy championships in the early oughties.

– It seems Tommy Hanson has rediscovered the strikeout, as he has 9 in 5 innings so far today.

– And this just in, the Orioles plan to call up Chris Tillman at some time in the not too distant future. However, we’ve been hearing that since early May.

~ Corey

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