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March 4, 2009

Hello blogging community,

The purpose of this blog will be to share my opinions and expertise with regards to fantasy baseball; specifically the pitching categories. I was inspired to start this blog by an article in ESPN the Magazine entitled “How to Build the Perfect Pitching Staff”. I didn’t find much use in this article, but nonetheless, it inspired me.

On Mondays, the focus of this blog will be starting pitchers. Each of these posts will center around an updated top 40 list. The top 40 will be augmented by a Youth Watch* list containing 10 more starters. Before the season begins, much of the focus will be on fantasy drafts, specifically ADP and value of picks. Once the season starts, the ADP, injury risk, and other such columns will be replaced with the player’s season line. The justification and/or explanation of choices will remain.

On Wednesdays, the blog will shift it’s focus to relief pitchers. Each of these posts will center around a top 20 list. The Youth Watch* section for relievers will consist of 5 names. As with the starting pitchers, the focus will be on draft rankings until the season starts. Once the season starts, it will shift to performance.

*The Youth Watch lists for both starting pitchers as well as relievers will contain “forgotten” and low-ranked players in addition to prospects.

On Fridays, the blog will recap the past week, as well as prepare for the week ahead. This will make mention of any big news in the fantasy world with regards to pitchers, as well as put forth my own theories on building a fantasy pitching staff that cannot be fully employed through the use of the top 75. Also on Fridays, I will be covering the Pitchers-Only Roto Dynasty League, of which I am commissioner. I am hoping my participation and, fingers crossed, success in this league will help to give me credibility towards the subject.

I plan on continuing the blog consistently throughout the season and off-season, adjusting for any developments during these times.

For now, I’ll leave you with something awesome, because first posts should always contain something awesome:

~ Corey

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